Sunday, July 23, 2017

Guide on how to make your own 'spinnyboi' (Joke post)

Hey everyone!

AnimalJamUsernameThatHasNothingToDoWithActualMe Frosty here with a new, spicy, dank and crInGEy post. Today, since I have literally nothing else to do, I will be showing how *YOU* can make your own 'spinnyboi' from scratch. The era of the spinnyboi is over, it's time to strike with a nEw AnOMaLY to take oVEr jAmAA. Ye. Here are all the steps you need to take, to climb up the stairs of glory. 💮💮💮

Step 1: Find the animal that you're gonna use.

With so many goofy animals in AJ, you will never go wrong, but remember, all the animals have their own 'spinnyboi' thing. I chose a penguin, because I think it hasn't been tOUCHed before to make these things. Yeah. The pengu also looks pretty good in anything. 🐧🐧🐧

Step 2: Forget 'ORigiNAliTY' lol, no need to spend any time on choosing the colors for the animal, you know what, leave it the way it is! Nothing more bEAutiFUl than a fresh, uncooked pengu.🐧

Perfect! 綺麗な, heillandi, Өө миний!! 🔥🔥🔥

Step 3: Find an item that you like, eXpeRImenT!

Yeah, I decided to go with a Holiday Sweater because let's face it, that's hella cyat. Also, like, make sure the colors can be pǝɥɔʇᴉʍs. The Holiday Sweater comes in 8 colors, one is ɹǝdns duper ɐɹʇln rare, but that's good, because you want to look as 'rare' as possible, aMIrite? (Who would want to look like a peasant lol😞😞😞

If you like, you can put on different colors of the Sweater, here's one if you're feeling fLy or sWagGY..💯

Here's that ɹǝdns duper ɐɹʇln rare sweater I was talking about, but be warned, it's hARD To gEt aND YoU mIGHt nOt AffORd tO bE RaRE~ ✨✨✨

Step 4: Name your creation ♥

Now this step is my favorite because I literally have no idea what was going on in the creator of Spinnyboiz when he came up with that name. Koalas don't spin and the items that those things wear don't either.. so is that key ingredient? I dunno, we could call the pengus something like.. zᴉoqʎʇɐǝʍS? I mean, they ARE wearing Sweaters, so why not??? It doesn't relate to anything else and it fits just 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

PS: DoN'T foRGET tO pUT 'boi' Or 'SmOL' oR 'BeAN' or aNY oTHER tRasHy woRD foR tHe EnD oF tHe nAme.

Step 5 (optional): To make it even trashier better, make special seasonal outfits by just changing one color.

Hereeeeee 👌🔥👌🔥👌🔥 I'll call it.. HolySweatyboi.

You can also experiment with other colors, other occassions and other sweaters.

Do nOT, I rePeAT, Do nOT, pUt aNyTHinG eLSe oN iT anD clAIm iT yOUr oWn, i wILL SuE YOu..
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Aaaand that's it for this hell-fest. I'm so sorry I had to put you through this, but maybe it's better than my other posts and I should just give up on them and start a blog where I just do these posts. Hopefully no one gets pǝɹǝƃƃᴉɹʇ lol.

So yeah, thanks for viewing this hell of a post. Have a great day!

New items and new poll!

Hey Jammers!

Womp womp, I woke up like 3 hours ago and am really tired, the weirdest part about this is that I went to sleep on an actually reasonable time, I think it was 12AM AJP time or something, not too late or anything, I slept 8 hours but I feel more than I did in the last few days when I slept like 2-4 hours, life is strange.. I don't think I'll be posting any new concept art sketches today, because I feel like just curling up in a corner and sleeping while hugging a blanket or whatever, basically, I don't feel like doing anything, sorry. I think I'll make an additional post though, also add new music to play on the playlist! I added a new poll to the side of the blog for the name of Captain Pearl's pet seagull, the names are pretty bland, but I think you'll like at least one or 0.5 of them!

Today we got 2 new items!

The first item is the Mechanical Speaker, which like every other item in this set, becomes larger when clicked on, wow. I personally love the colors of the set, that blue, green, orange, black, pink and purple (I think) look great. The items are also pretty great.

Next up, we have a brand new tail item in the Diamond shop, the zipper tail! And wow, I must say, it looks fantastic! They will now be able to make a 'scary' version of it in Halloween, also maybe add eyes on it for extra 'creepiness', haha. I like it, even though it's not for everyone, it's still a great item!

I'm thinking about maybe doing a joke post later today, but I'm not sure how that will turn out, also, since the polls for 'top 10 lists' and 'posts' now have ended and I have the results, I'll be able to make some new posts! I'm also thinking about doing a Q&A in the near future, so I'll put up more details later!

For now, I think, that will be all, thank you so much for reading everyone and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

New Captain Pearl Concept sketch!

Hey everyone!

I don't know what's gotten to me but I just drew another Captain Pearl sketch, this time, full size, I guess now you can really start a discussion and such, there's some text on it and I attempted to draw her trusty mate seagull.

Don't mind my horrible handwriting, I'm a little rusty.. So yeah, here's pearl is full size, but this is not the final model, I still haven't put any accessories not new markings on her, but I'll do so some time later, just not today, of course. I am making a poll on what we should name the seagull that will fly around with her, I'm thinking Redlin and giving him a red bandana, but that's really lame, to be honest, now that I'm saying it out loud. Put your suggestions in the comments below and I'll put the suggestions in the poll! Also suggest what she should be wearing and what other markings would be cool.

Also, I thought she could have a pearl instead of one eye, like some people have a glass eye, she could have a pearl one, but that might be a little bit too dark for AJHQ, so maybe no, but still, that would be pretty cool!

So yeah, thank you all for reading this short post and I hope you're enjoying Pearl's character development. I would love to hear your opinion on her and her character, also theories what else she might be if she's not a flamingo! I hope you all have a great day.

Captain Pearl Concept sketch

Hey Jammers!

So after speculating about the possible new character 'Captain Pearl' in one of my previous posts, I thought - 'Hey! Why not make a horrible piece to show everyone what I have in mind!?' and here it is!

I usually wark on details and stuff for so long, but this turned out to be something like a 10 minute sketch, the background is a complete disaster because I was 'experimenting' with the brushes.. So yeah, here you go. I know, I know, 'Hey.. that's pretty plain' but when I had her in mind, She's not going to be an Alpha, she has some 'war paint' on her face and beak, but that's just ol' Pirate Pearl! I also don't see why she wouldn't wear a pearl necklace or a pirate hat/bandana, but unfortunately, I was too lazy to draw any accessories. (Joking, I'm just bad at drawing them..) I definitely see her wearing Turquoise jewelery, I gave her a Turquoise earr- wait.. crest ring? Yeah, 'crest ring'. This is just her profile, I'm thinking about doing a full-body sketch if this gets some 'positive' reviews. Tell me, my friends, what do you think I should add on her? Also, please remember that she is NOT an alpha, she's just some sort of Captain that travels around with her trusty seagull pet. (I was kinda lazy to draw that as well, also, thought this time I should just focus on Pearl, maybe in the next sketch, I'll include her pet.) For her personality - I think she should be a joyful, musical and outgoing flamingo. I would love her to have an Australian accent too, that would be just too perfect! Also yeah, no shading for now..

And that's that! I'm really sorry for the low-quality piece, it literally took me like 10-15 minutes, I'll work harder on the character when I will make a new piece of her. Remember that this is not a confirmed nor foreshadowed character, it's all probably in my head and I'm a complete fool, but that shouldn't stop us from enjoying fan-made characters, right?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a greay day!

New items, spinnyboi pets (why) and more!

Hey Jammers!

Here I am writing a pretty early post, with some saltiness and a cup of coffee. I kinda just woke up, but I feel like I hadn't slept all night, but that's pretty easy to explain because I stayed up till like 2-3AM playing that new game Dream Daddy (don't judge me, I'm a simple man, I HAD to give a test run) and then went through Tumblr posts until 4AM, then after an hour, I finally fell asleep at 5AM (I think.) so I'm as 'awake' as it gets, my friends. Sorry in advance for this weird post, I get really weird when I'm tired. Today we got 1 new item (Forgot to post about another one in my last post) and some other stuff!

Ah, yes, the Mechanical Ottoman. I wonder if it's metallic, or is it soft like most ottomans? (Why isn't it ottomen? Like that would make much more sense, right?) I don't know what else there is left in the set that hasn't come out yet, but I think this is one of the last items.

Next up, we got a Lobster butt tail! I don't know when this came out but I'm glad it did because it looks great! I saw it on some animals and it looks fantastic, I haven't seen it on a penguin yet but I bet it looks amazing! I really hope they release underwater tail items, because that would pretty cool, I see some items that they could release too!

The Era of sanity in Jamaa is over, my friends. Some people, have made a spinnyboi pet as a joke, but some took it very seriously and I think I saw a person with like 7 spinnyboi pets in their pet section. I wonder how many more will there be before Jamaa falls apart? I'm thinking about making my own version of these anomalies so there could be a war. (I'm joking, because imagine how bad it would be, if I created the anti-spinnyboi and it just evolved into being much worse than the ones that it was an anti of.. that would pretty ironic, wouldn't it?) (Oh, by the way, the 3 people I put on in this post did this as a joke (I think))

Lastly, can I just talk a bit of how proud I am of everyone?? Yesterday, the blog got 435 views (most of it was on the Tiki Trouble guide) and 220+ today already! And can I just stop and personally thank and hug everyone? These numbers, they, I won't lie, kinda brought me to tears because it means that we're not falling as a family, we're only growing, and it doesn't matter if the people stay around or not, if we peaked, that's enough for me, and thank you if you just viewed this blog once, because it still means a lot to me. Thank you so much everyone!

Lastly, I forgot to post the new secret item in the Graham's observatory den for this update. If you go up to the telescope section of the den, there's a TV on a table, click on the table and Ta-dah!

The antique table! It seems like it's some sort of 'secret' antique set they're doing but I think it's enough, we got the chair, couch, lamp and table, we can now move on. But I think they'll release at least 1-2 other items just to seal the deal.

And yeah, that will be all for now, I'll probably make new posts later today, so keep your eye out for them! I'll also work on some new polls, add new songs to the playlist (finally) and such, so leave some suggestions in the page for suggesting music, because I'll be adding a lot either today or tomorrow. I also kinda thought about it and realized that keeping it controversy-free is not gonna help, I mean kids these days are exposed to so much cursing, inappropriate content and such that it's just not worth trying to hide it in a way.. I mean I'm not gonna expose you to some horrible ads that I had a choice to add on the blog, but I mean if there's like a curse word in a song or whatever, I don't think it's THAT bad, haha. So yeah, it's time to suggest! Thank you all so much for reading and for everything and I hope you all have a great day!

PS: My chat has been switched to bubble chat for violating the AJ rules, sorry if I don't respond or say something like 'Phantom Fighter is the best!'

Friday, July 21, 2017

Who's Captain Pearl?

Hey Jammers!

After my last post, I thought about the names of the Tikis on the new adventure island. I mentioned how all 3 names literally translate from Hawaiian to English and here are the translations if you missed them!

Kapena - Captain
Momi - Pearl
Kou - Your/My/Tree

I was just decorating my den when I noticed that the 3 Tikis were different sizes in the den, it was hard to notice that in the adventure as they're all pretty far apart, but in the den, it's clearly visible that the 3 Tiki statues are 3 different sizes. I put them in 2 orders, from largest to smallest and from smallest to largest and was genuinely surprised.

Momi, Kapena, Kou. Nothing too special, right? And Pearl Captain My doesn't make any sense, but, if you put them in the smallest to largest order...

'My captain Pearl'. What could this be? Is it just a coincidence that it suits perfectly like that, or is Animal Jam HQ foreshadowing a new character in the lore? Captain Pearl.. and she's someone's captain too! So who is she?

Pearl.. pretty Aquatic, don't you think? It's pretty obvious that it's not going to be an Alpha, because it's a captain, and sure, an Alpha can be an Alpha, but not one we know of.. 

'Pearl' is a pretty feminine name, so let's say that Pearl is a female, the only 2 female underwater Alphas we know of are Calypso and Tavie. (Hudson, the otter alpha, Barrett, the polar bear alpha, Marco the penguin alpha are all males, and Harper is not 'Pearl', obviously) So could Pearl be a new upcoming alpha/character? It's quite possible, actually. It'd be awesome if Pearl turned out to be the Flamingo alpha, Flamingos aren't really 'aquatic', but they are usually seen by bodies of waters. (Lakes, rivers and such.)

So is Pearl the flamingo Alpha? - I don't know, no one can really know that at the moment, for one it might even not be an Alpha at all, it might not even be a character at all. I'm just probably some insane dude who's putting too much research into a kids' game.. heh..

What do you think? Is it possible? Who do you think is Captain Pearl? I would love to hear your concepts, I will even give a shout-out to anyone if they comment their opinion on this whole thing giving more proof about Pearl or even revealing who it is! For now, that's all, sorry for the blow in posts, haha, I just feel so weirdly inspired at the moment to write theories. This will be all, have a great day!