Sunday, November 19, 2017

New items!

Hey Jammers!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I thought I was going to be able to do that but then was proven wrong by time, again, sorry everyone. I'm finally back home and can now post, but of course, have TONS to do for tomorrow so this post (as usual) will be short and quick. Over the course of yesterday and today we got 4 new items and here they are:

In Jam Mart Clothing we have a brand new seasonal mohawk and it is the Winter Mohawk. Guessing we'll get Winter Grass Claws next, it'll probably also have snowflakes in it.

In Jam Mart Furniture, we have the returning Glass Shelves which could mean that we'll be getting the shelf items back! It has been quite a bit since they were in stores and it'd be so great to have them back again! Gonna buy a lot of tiny shelves/corner shelves for some greenhouse or garden dens.

Next up - in the Diamond shop, we have the Panda Mannequin!

And lastly, in Epic Wonders we have the Fall Crown, which looks like a turkey somehow.

And yeah, that's it, I must get to studying now because we're gonna have 3 tests tomorrow and I haven't started studying for any of them.. So yeah, that will be all for now, sorry. Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you have a great day!


Friday, November 17, 2017

Leaf Vanity and Fox Mannequin

Hey Jammers!

School is finally over for the week.. finally! Well, not really since I'll have to go to school tomorrow for whatever reason, fun! And after that, I'll be going out of town for a day, also fun.. Then, I'll return and have like 4 hours to study for the tests I'll have this upcoming Monday, even more fun! This upcoming week is going to be a wreck.. I'm gonna make this post short so I could start doing some of the homework for the next week so I'd not stress as much as I would if I didn't do it, you know? Let's make this quick, today, we got 2 brand new items!

This new item low-key made me happy because it just proves that I'm not the only one running out of ideas, thank you AJHQ for that! That looks messy as hell and how does it even stay together?? You know what, I'm not gonna question it. It's probably not that bad if you don't get into the details too deep, I suppose.

The next item is also a brand new item and it is the..

Fox Mannequin! See? I told you they will release more of these, just give it time. Obviously these are going to be a daily release until they have released all of them. They'll probably do the most popular animals first, then the animals of lesser importance.
 Ok.. maybe not all of these are the more popular animals.. With the arctic wolf, arctic fox and bunny it's understandable.. the croc is AJHQ's main animal so that is also pretty understandable.. Koalas.. I don't even think I need to say anything for you to understand that one.. and as for the seal.. hmm, maybe they needed that one less popular animal to fill the gap? I guess the only thing that kinda makes me disappointed is the fact that the made the bunny, koala and seal ones members, I mean.. they are animals for everyone, why can't the mannequins be for everyone as well??

And yeah, that's it for now. Sorry for the rather short post, everyone but I thank you for reading nevertheless and I hope you have a great day!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

AJ Update November 16th - Mannequins, Pet Moose and more

Hey Jammers!

So the update just came out and it came out rather late if I could say so. The update ended up being a bit disappointing as well, like it only consisted of 5 new pages, 2 of which were filler.. I'm gonna make this short and quick because it's pretty late and I still need to shower before getting to bed.

The main page covers the main attraction of the update - Mannequins, a brand new feature that allows you to show off your colors and style in your very own den.

There's a new pedestal for these new items and it's at the very left corner of the Diamond Shop.

Currently we only have 6, but I'm sure we'll get many more in the near future. I saw many people in the Diamond Shop complaining about a) none of them are for everyone, b) their animal is not up for sale, c) they can't afford it because they spent all their diamonds on the new alpha armor sets and I don't really understand what's the fuss about.. a) I'm sure they'll make at least 1 for everyone, b) again, I'm sure they'll make more of these in the near future and c) just wait till you have enough.. People are so quick to get triggered over little things..

Next up, pet Moose have arrived!

You can get them in the Diamond Shop, also, Arctic Foxes will be leaving the Diamond shop soon, so make sure you purchase it before it does!

Another thing that was teased in the Sneak Peek video - Cosmo's tree house, a brand new, expanded version of Cosmo's den! I personally like this den a lot..

It costs 7 diamonds but I gotta say - it's worth it, there's a lot of space (not too much, just enough) and the scenery is pretty. Speaking of the den, the new secret item - it is located in the Cosmo's Tree house on the Epic Dens list and the new secret item is..

Located on the table in the first room you enter and that item is..

The Apple pie! A pretty Feast-of-thanks-y item and it's for everyone, which is great!
And now - the pages of lesser importance:

Blah blah blah, Alpha Pride, blah blah blah..

Lemurs left and a filler 'feast of thanks' reminder.

Also, all Halloween items are now on clearance, they will all be leaving in 5 days, so make sure you grab your favorite spooky decorations!

And that is it.. the update, like I said, turned out to be pretty disappointing when compared to the more recent ones, but maybe they're working on something bigger now? Who knows! That will be all for now, sorry for the rather rushed post, everyone. Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you have a great day!

Shoal of Minnows + Update Sneak Peek!

Heya Jammers!

So I'm finally home and now I've gotten through the 2 hardest days of the week - Wednesday and Thursday.. congratulate me for surviving, haha. Today we have a big update coming up later on and we got an Update Sneak Peek earlier today, the update seems promising, if I may say so myself! Here's the video:

Alrighty, we have.. Cosmo's Tree House and it looks kinda like the Cosmo's Den just larger, but that's cool, since all the other alphas have those gigantic houses and Cosmo had like 2 floors in the original den, I like that a lot! (Hopefully they make the regular tree-house for everyone now, probably now, but still, that would be nice) Next, the Red panda goes to some sort of greenhouse and there you can see growing plants, which were released once a very long time ago, could it be that we might get those back? And lastly, animal mannequins that you can dress up, YES, DRESS UP! That is an absolutely fantastic thing to add, of course, from what we can see, most, if not all will be members-only, but that's understandable. Also they'll be in the Diamond Shop. So the update seem pretty promising and obviously, that's not all that we'll get in the update since this will make up 2-3 pages of the 6-7

And now, a quick item report - today we got a returning item in Sunken Treasures..

The Shoal of Minnows! I remember when a good friend of mine once put like 100 of these in their den and it crashed pretty bad, they couldn't get into their den for a long time, I think the same can be done with the Jellyfish item as well. 

And that is all for now, I will be making the update post later today because I don't have that much homework to do for tomorrow, well I mean I still have some homework to do, but it's much more reasonable than yesterday's amount of homework.. For now, that will be all, thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wood Pile

Hey Everyone!

Well, yet another day in this life of mine, today was a complete mess, I'm so tired for some reason, I'm definitely taking some coffee with me to school tomorrow because I almost fell asleep in Chemistry today and that wouldn't've been great.. Now I'm packed with homework and I need ro revise for a Physics test that I have not even started (boo me) and along that - some other homework, that I have not started as well. I'm gonna make this post quick. (surprise surprise..) Today we got a returning item - the Wood Pile!

Great for the Wood Burning stove item we got yesterday, also great for making a nice cabin-in-the-woods scenery/den. We're probably getting the pet cabin thing soon as well.

Also, I only now realized that we're getting an update tomorrow, which I had completely up till now, great job, me! I guess I could do a quick update speculation, not get too detailed with it, but enough to give you my vision of the update.

Alright, so it's been 2 weeks since the release of the Alpha Headquarters (I think), so chances are that they will continue adding to this Post-Eclipse event, maybe new stuff will be put in the Headquarters, maybe a new secret room in the Forgotten Archive, who knows? What I'm calling is that we're going to get something of that matter.

Since it's the Feast of Thanks officially, perhaps they will give something to the non-members of Jamaa? A new pet? A new feature? Animal slots? Who knows! They could even give us.. nothing!

It'd be too early for a new animal, I suppose, though I'm making a call - the next animal we're getting is going to be the Komodo dragon which was released in the mobile AJ version - AJPW not so long ago. Not saying we're getting it this update, but sometime soon.

It would also be too early for a new adventure, but maybe a teaser or so? (Nah..)

Ehh, as you can probably tell, I have no idea what we're getting. This might be one of those updates that will have many filler pages, not much new added to it and so. But we'll see, as the teaser for it will come out tomorrow, I might be able to post about it before the update comes out, but we'll see how that works out.

And yeah, that's basically it, sorry for the really short post, everyone, but that's all the time I have. An update post might come out tomorrow or it might come out on Friday but I'm not too sure because this Friday I'll be doing my homework for the next week because I'll be away on Saturday, but I'll try to post the new item then as well. For now, that will be it, thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wood Burning Stove

Hey Jammers!

Yeah, this post is gonna be really short because I have a Wednesday tomorrow and it's going to be test-packed. I haven't revised for any of them because yes, I'm that stupid and there's tons of homework to do. Honestly, why can't I be like a filler character of my life, it'd be so much easier.. But I guess this is the way it is! Today we got one new item and it is the..

Wood Burning Stove! Yeah I don't know what to add to this.. it burns wood to produce heat that can be used to cook stuff? (This is literally me when I am writing an essay and need like 50 more words..)

And that's it! Sorry for the really short post, school can be a pain.. But yeah, thank you for reading nevertheless and I hope you have a great day!