Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ancient Wall...

Hey Jammers!

So today's post will be slightly shorter than yesterday's because I have some stuff to do for today because I'm having a few friends over tomorrow, I hope that's ok and acceptable, I will obviously make a longer post on Friday to make up for it and also perhaps add something else to it. Also, I got assigned a commission so I guess I'll also be kinda busy working on it, too, but don't worry, this won't affect posting since I still will be home most of the time. Today we only got 1 item, but I think that's sometimes more than enough.

Womp womp, what an 'unexpected' item, eh? No, no, I'm not dissing, I personally love this item and it's counterpart - the ancient phantom wall. I really like this wall because it somewhat tells us about the phantoms in one way or another, and it's kinda weird as we're more familiar with the concept of Mira somehow accidentally creating them but here it's shown that they in fact came from space.. so which is true? I mean.. if it's 'ancient', then some Jammers in the past must have seen them to make such walls. There is actually more further proof pointing to phantoms actually being alien-like-creatures..

The entire phantom invasion game is a great example of that. The phantom comes to Jamaa from some light that can be seen in the distance and flies over Jamaa with a generic-UFO-like-spaceship. Animals flee from Jamaa scared. You need to destroy the spaceship with a green laser-like thing and if you hit it, it gets destroyed and you get a toy of some sort, however, if you don't, this happens:

Like the aliens we all know, the phantom flies over the town and sucks everything and everyone into the spaceship using some sort of light. But that's just a game, so it could be like a made-up concept, but I mean you need to have a base for a game like that to be made. So my guess would be that not all phantoms are from Jamaa, but rather - some come from space as well. I don't know how much of it is actually true, but there are many things pointing to that, they have access to some pretty rad technology that I don't think animals are capable of creating, also, they appear to have spaceships, devices, fortresses that seem to destroy life on Jamaa. (Take the Phantom Fortress as an example, that thing sucks the life with every step it takes, causes pollution, plants die, animals do too.)

So yeah, my guess is that phantoms have been around for quite a long time, and the whole 'Mira accidentally created them' theory seems like a whole lot of non-sense now, I guess it might be true as Mira is known for reviving or giving life, what if the phantoms were originally some goop that came from space and Mira accidentally gave them life by simply flying over it? That is rather possible, though, I don't know how much truth is there..

Yeah, this post turned out to actually be longer than yesterday's what a surprise~ Well, unfortunately, that will be all for now. Sorry for this weird post, I actually got a weird idea to make an illustration of so I might work on that some point in the near future, hopefully I don't forget it, though. Thank you so much for reading this small speculation/theory post I presented to you but that will be all, have a nice one!


  1. AJHQ is literally trying to confuse us.
    First, they claim that they are Mira's tears mixed with dirt.
    A while later they release a game with them invading Jamaa as aliens.
    I can smell...
    (dun dun dunn)
    mystery solved B)

    1. That might be possible as there is a theory pointing to a fact that humans themselves could be aliens. But that theory is pretty dumb as well know well that humans most likely evolved from a species of apes. (And no, no magic dude was involved in this, unlike what most people think)